Antonio Murgia (bio)


Antonio Murgia was born in 1956 in Sardenia, Italy. He studied arts and cinematography, is a composer of eletronic music and a painter. He lives and works in North Italy.

In his work Antonio Murgia approaches existential topics regarding the contemporary world's suffocation by globalization, which he sometimes combats, sometimes surrenders to. He uses a pop artistic expression with which he incorporates himself into the modern world. The importance of this art is his strong ironic expression that correspondes completely to the time we are living in. The ideas he uses, topics he represents are so much a part of our lifes that everybody can understand (we read about them in journals, we see them on television).

The figures in his paintings are mainly Walt Disney"s characters in everyday surroundings, dressed in designers dresses or presented in more critical, war or public situations where they are placed together with soldiers, terrorists or worlds famous leaders. But the figures that for us symbolize the "high life" are lonely and abandoned, and that leaves us perplexed. . This Disney"s characters, mostly in colour, are symbols of the popular way of thinking in this world that seen together with the black and white reality looks frightfully silly and without sense. 

The artistic importance of Murgia lies in his fresh and modern topics, his strong, contemporary expression supported by his painting excellence.

This artist has been chosen by the gallery for his descriptive ability and his capacity of adjustment to the contemporary language, with which he communicates to the younger public (public of the future). Furthermore he is present in many main galleries and important art journals.

The collectors can find in his work apart from the high artistic value a strong ironical echo of today's world, a contemporary view and critique of the world we are living in now.

At this moment the artist's value is still fairly low but his works have great increase possibility. Murgia's language can be interesting for the vast public, without losing his artistic strength.

His agent for China is Rosanna Ossola, FYR Gallery in Florence

Exhibitions in China:
2005 May - Spring Art Saloon - Shanghai
2006 May - Spring Art Saloon - Shanghai
2006 July - Tsinghua University of Beijing - Italian night
2006 Sept. - Guan Zhong Gallery - Shanghai
2007 April - Bund Garden Hotel
2007 April - Art Shanghai Saloon
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