FYR Gallery, based in the city of Florence in Italy since 1998, with the direction of Ms. Rosanna Ossola, owner and manager, has been attemping to suppport, encourage and develop art and built a nice envoironment for art.
Accompany with artist or art institutes, FYR gallery devotes all of their efforts to find imaginations and ideals at the edge and frontier of time and offer stages for them

FYR Gallery devotes itself to put Chinese and European art forward and since 2004 began to introduce foreign famous artists in many ways and find outsand works in China actively at present organizing important exhibitions.

FYR Gallery Florence
Fyr Gallery Florence 1
Fyr Gallery Florence 2
Fyr Gallery Florence 3
Fyr Gallery Florence 4

FYR Gallery Shanghai
FYR Gallery Shanghai 1
FYR Gallery Shanghai 2
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