FYR Gallery Italian Art
Florence & Shanghai

CreativeShanghai - 2218 Yangshupu Road, Shanghai - China



14th of December 2008, has been opened the new location of the Italian FYR Gallery in CreativeShanghai Garden. This amazing area has been recently renovated from the international famous architect TENG KUN YEN. His style so elegant, harmonious, pure and respectful of the nature and tradition, made one of the most wonderful places you can find in Shanghai.
Inside the garden there are many pavilions realised from the old industrial warehouses and now totally transformed by the creativity of Mr. Teng. The modern structures in glass that have been superposed to the old buildings create now bright environments, spacious, with amazing architectural solutions indeed.
The FYR Gallery is situated to the center of the park in an enchanting futuristic structure, in which the works of art, and particularly the sculptures, find their best position.

Mrs. Rosanna Ossola, the manager of the gallery, has chosen for the first show some artworks particularly selected:

Thomas Diego Armonia (paintings)
Claudio Capotondi (marble sculpture)
Silvio Vigliaturo (glass sculpture)
Antonio Di Tommaso (bronze sculptures)
and Arman - Violin Ukulele - bronze, multiple
Marino Marini - lithograph, year 1972
Carlo Desireau - painting, year 1964
Antonio Murgia - paintings pop art

The first temporary exhibition, with the cooperation of the Italian Institute of Culture of Shanghai and the Italian School Gianni Rodari, has been offered at the Chinese artist KANG LA. 

The exhibition will be held until January 11.